Prize Rooster

In our last post, we mentioned that David’s barred rock roo won “Best Standard Cock” in show in the open class.  Here is a pic of the proud chickenman and his bird!

David has these words of wisdom about showing well at the fair:

“You need to clean him well and wash his feet with a toothbrush with a little soap to get the dirt out.  Clean feet are important.  The judge may pick up the bird and look at his feet.  When you wash them, you have three containers.  One is soapy water, and you dunk him three times and get soap on his back.  In container two, you put water in it and dunk him three times.  The next one has vinegar in the water, and you put him in that and it makes his feathers all shiny and ready for the show.  Then you gently gently wrap him with a dog towel like he’s in a sleeping bag.  Then you dry him off.  Then take a little petroleum jelly to rub his wattles and comb and shanks on the day before the show to make them shiny so the judges are impressed.”

Mom’s disclaimer:  Be careful when you dunk the chicken not to immerse their heads – they can easily drown.

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  1. I never knew that you had to wash your chickens before entering them in the fair – but it makes sense. I remember washing my horse over and over before the fair showing started when I was a kid. Congrats!


  2. Are you gonna save the tooth??

    Mazel Tov to the kiddos!


    Check out my blog at


  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog the other day. I appreciate your time and encouragement, especially since I had just launched this new endeavor!

    It was wonderful to visit your blog, I think your blog will provide a lot of information for the journey we are taking through the Laura Ingalls world. Thanks, again!


    • Well, thank you for visiting as well… Really enjoyed your last two posts also – “Grandpa Renting made me laugh” and your words on ND made me miss it!

      Hey, WP says you’re our 100th follower! Not sure “congratulations” is in order, but thanks for following! Now, if I can just get Publisher’s Clearinghouse to submit a bid for our prize program…


  4. Well it looks like he did a great job!


  5. Posted by farmergregg on November 12, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Good for him. That’s a good looking bird.


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