Ducklings at 1 Week

The ducklings hatched one week ago, and their rate of growth is impressive.  Here are photos from yesterday, when Midnight took them for their first field trip to the dandelion patch just outside the barn.

Midnight leads her brood of 17. She seemed to be quite happy to get out as well, snapping at insects and sampling vegetation.

The grass looks a lot taller when little ducklings are in the middle of it!

The ducklings enjoyed their first nibbles of grass and dandelions.

Duckling fuzz proves to be effective camouflage among dandelions.

All this sight-seeing is tiring. Ducklings stop for a rest.

With the field trip over, the ducklings were a bit slow to follow, so momma duck did a little chastising.

Does this spark any early memories of your own field trips or vacations?  If so, please leave a comment – we’d love to hear about your adventures.

Thanks for visiting, and please stop by again soon.  We’ll keep you updated as God continues to bless us!

P.S. The kids discovered this morning that Midnight is already starting her next clutch!

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  1. Wow, 17? I never knew they had that many in one nest? They are adorable, love the photos 🙂


    • They are amazing mothers. Somewhere we have a friend’s picture of a Muscovy taking care of 35! She had 18, and another duck had 17 but had abandoned them (very rare for Muscovies). He put the other ducklings in with the other brood, and momma duck just spread her wings further out. It was quite the sight.

      I think all but 2 grew to adulthood!


  2. How cute! – I’d be entertained watching them all day long.


  3. What absolutely gorgeous shots! esp mum calling back for them to catch up! so sweet..c


  4. Posted by Anne W. Fulmer on May 26, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Thank you for the adorable pictures from your ranch. How could anyone want to get rid of dandelions after seeing the ducklings. Anne


  5. I love these beautiful photos showing the miracle of life. Happy homeschooling and life building!



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