October Snowstorm

The snow hit hard on Oct 29th.  We measured over 18″ of the white stuff.

From the balcony

"Yeah, it's snow. Now get down here and feed me!"


Mocha checking out the snow.

OK, this was staged.

We should get a couple more later on today.

Snow curling off the barn's roof

Jasper running in the pasture.

Kids making snowmen


Walking on the trail from the back pasture.

The last of the fall colors?

Red maple and Red oak leaves in the snow

One of the kids' snowmen and the back pasture


7 responses to this post.

  1. OMG. So much snow so early in October. Your photos are excellent and give to me the exact idea about that what happened. My favorite photos are, first, second and last one. I love very much also the photo from Mocha.


  2. Thanks! (Kittos!) I’m glad you liked them.

    Just updated with a few more pics…


  3. Kinda reminds us of when we lived back in Wisconsin …..


  4. Oh my gosh..so beautiful, but a little early nonetheless. We did not get any snow in northwestern VT…but other parts of our state did. We just got our coop winterized. Just out of curiosity, what do you feed your chickens once the snow covers all the grass…we have resigned ourselves to feed, cracked corn and the occasional kitchen treats but we would love other suggestions. Thanks for sharing those amazing photos!!!!


    • We keep free-choice feed in the coop at all times. I toss some feed and will start throwing surplus winter rye and winter wheat seed on the snow to get them out pecking. Hopefully what they don’t eat will make it to the ground during the thaw cycles and perhaps sprout, and a bit of sprouted grain wouldn’t be bad at all. I’m also considering raising mealworms, but not ’till next winter. Too many things going on already to make it happen this winter.


  5. These are really beautiful pictures of that first October snowfall. We were in Vermont for Thanksgiving and really enjoyed the snow. Your pictures are the most beautiful ones I have seen. They are exquisite! Allia


  6. Allia,

    Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement! We’ve enjoyed perusing your blog today. The cooking post definitely looks like a “happy mess!”


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