You might live on a farm if…

You might live on a farm if…

10.  …you normally awake before the rooster (and when he wakes up first you have an urge to reach for the duct tape).

9.  …at least once this week, you’ve been outside in PJs and rubber boots.

8.  …the dockhand at the grain store starts filling your truck with your order before you get to the counter.

7.  …some of your nightmares start with your kids yelling, “Mom! Dad!  The goats are…”

6.  …you cruise dumpsters for building supplies.

5.  …your work gloves wear out too often and always in the same place.

4.  …a police officer has stopped by your house to see if you’re the owner of a horse/goat/pig/cow/llama/emu/etc that’s gone walkabout.

3.  …you scoff when you see “Fresh grade AA” on an egg carton in the grocery store.

2.  …you shower in the evenings.

1.  …at least one member of your family has seriously thought about having you committed.

(Feel free to add your own)


5 responses to this post.

  1. One added from yesterday:

    … if the post office calls at 6:30AM to tell you you your chicks are here.


  2. Posted by Merri Ann Eshelman on September 26, 2011 at 9:09 am

    How about if you wear specific hats to farm sales,livestock auctions, customer appreciation suppers, and vacations.


  3. Preg checking, semen evaluation and/or wound treatments are dinner conversation.

    Barn is more organized than the kitchen

    The five second rule doesn’t apply because food won’t hit the floor. (dog will grab it before it does!)


  4. Oh I thought of this post today! If you can remember 3 generations of rabbits (or other stock) on a pedigree but can’t remember what you had for dinner last week.


  5. Awesome additions!

    Another (happened recently):
    …Someone asks you how many local channels you get and you can’t answer, because you can’t quite remember when the TV was last turned on.


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